Here's to your successful voyage!

Every voyage has its challenges. But those challenges can be mastered by accessing experienced, proven support. 

Whether it's an intimidating crossing, a coastal hop or a bluewater passage, securing seasoned assistance not only opens up new horizons and cruising opportunities, it's good seamanship.

You'll enjoy more confidence in your pre-departure planning and vessel and safety preparation. You'll have the experienced, reliable crew support you need to make passages and crossings more pleasurable, less exhausting and safer. 





From co-captaining to voyage planning and consultation to risk management and mitigation, we can assist you in vastly expanding your cruising range by supporting and enhancing the skills and capability you already possess.

This wholly customized service ranges from shake-down legs to coastal and off-shore passage-making to all levels of pre-passage preparation. We can assist you in routing consultation, safety review and recommendations, systems inspection and full or partial provisioning assistance. We can also supply you with full compliment of crew-pleasing healthy, homemade "heat and eat" meals, "watch snacks" and "heavy weather rations." 

$100 per hour with discounts for half and full day bookings.

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