Private lessons on your boat.

No one is born knowing how to confidently handle a yacht in close quarters. Too often, it's a process of trial and error, typically involving yelling, frustration and resentment. It's hard on the boat and it's even harder on the relationship of the unfortunate couple trying to navigate those stormy waters. Some couples plow ahead. Many simply drift toward other, less stressful activities while their dream sits at the dock.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

You can easily learn the skills and techniques to confidently handle your vessel as a team, complementing and enhancing each other's natural capabilities. You can learn to anticipate your own and your partner's anxiety and manage it, communicating respectfully and with purpose. And when things do go awry — as they surely will — you will have the confidence to take it in stride and the skills to successfully tackle the challenge together.

Because every boat, like every couple, has it's own eccentricities, it only makes sense to learn on your own vessel. So we come to you, where you can learn on your own boat, at your own dock, with your own systems, in your own waters, at your own pace.

You'll learn stress free docking and de-docking, secure anchoring and fool-proof mooring pick-ups. You'll learn to maneuver safely in close quarters, in cross-currents and uncooperative winds. You'll learn that you actually can back your boat into your slip.

You'll learn crew safety. Simple Navigation. Rules of the road. Simple line handling. Reading and understanding charts. Using tides, currents and wind to your advantage. Using radar. GPS. Dealing with fog. Reading the weather. Storm strategies. Emergency procedures. Night operations. Avoiding crew-overboard scenarios. Crew-overboard retrieval. Vessel systems. Basic maintenance.

You'll also come away with a sold understanding of risk management, teamwork, respectful and effective communication. We'll help you evaluate roles and learn to share responsibility. You'll learn the benefits of co-captaining, techniques for stress and anxiety management and effective ways to minimize physical demands. 

Best of all, you'll learn together, building your confidence as a team, supporting each other and laying an enduring foundation for a shared, life-long passion.

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