Bareboat CHARTER Training

$4,595 inclusive for 1 couple

$5,595 inclusive for 2 couples

Bare Boat Charter Certification is a critical part of your sailing resume that most, if not all, charter companies require before they will allow you to skipper one of their yachts. The skills taught in this course are critical for both the prospective skipper and first mate and are focused on what charter companies want you to know.

IMPORTANT: This training IS NOT appropriate for beginning sailors. This training is designed for couples who already know the basics of sailing, but need additional experience with anchoring, picking up moorings and close-quarters boat handling. Perhaps you have a smaller boat, or most of your experience is with day sailing, then this is exactly what you need to make the jump to bareboating.

This 5-day, 4-night live-aboard course is designed specifically for one or two couples who wish to bare boat charter in the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, Bahamas and most US charter locations.

You will learn:

  • Double-handed sailing and boat handling

  • Close quarters maneuvering

  • Anchoring and anchor retrieval

  • Anchoring safely in a crowded anchorage

  • Picking up and dropping a mooring

  • Docking and de-docking under power

  • Sail handling

  • How and when to reef

  • How to heave-to

  • Crew overboard prevention

  • Vessel energy management

  • Dinghy Launching and retrieval

  • Basic navigation

  • basic provisioning

  • Vessel systems Management

and many other details that a charter company wants a prospective skipper and first mate to know.

To be clear, charter companies get the final say on whether they believe you are competent to skipper one of their vessels, and their criteria vary widely depending on the charter company, the boat and the location of the charter. You and your first mate’s sailing resumes should include both recreational sailing and specialized training.  

Your 5-day Bareboat Certification Cruise departs From Bainbridge Island on Monday and returns on Friday

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